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Been on the hallucinogens again

21 . 04 . 24

I’m going to do it, I’m going to get all woo woo on you. But do not worry, I can only get on board with things I can really see and feel as true, so you only ever get the practical side of woo from me.

When I learned this stuff it opened a door to a whole world of possibilities I’d never previously even known were even available to me (and you!). I promise I’ll explain it in such a practical, tangible way, you’ll be like… “Oh yeah, ah ok, I get what you’re on about, I can actually see that’s a real thing’.

Don’t worry, at no point am I going to ask you to get naked in your gardens waving sticks of Palo Santo around with daisy chains in your hair. Oh God, even I am slightly horrified by my overly cliche and fairly condescending description of a spiritual type, especially as I have accidentally become one. Oh and newsflash - learning about and understanding this stuff has changed my life beyond measure. So there. Up yours Georgie who used to previously roll her patronising eyes at this (before I even bothered to learn anything about it - obviously).

Right. I am going to talk about Universal energy right from the start here. BUT you’ll see why it peaked my interest so much and how it enabled me to change my life so much. What you’ll read here is what not only made me ‘believe’ the thing I thought was just woo, but be unable to doubt the reality of it and truly understand the impact of it.

So here goes my 100% tangible, scientifically-grounded explanation of universal energy, so I can really set the stage for you to understand its practical relevance to you creating a life you really love living.

In a few short minutes, you will see how the concept of universal energy is not just a theory but a practical part of our lives. You’ll understand how energy is literally everything we are and everything we interact with (do not drift off! This is important - you’re going to love it I promise), how it affects our moods and decisions, and most importantly, how you can utilise it (for free) to actively shape the life you want.

Let's start with a baseline fact (you know I love a bassline! Tenuous?). Hearing this fact made me sit up and listen, because it’s undeniable. It really is a fact…

Everything, yes everything, in the universe, including us, is made up of energy. Even solid objects are not actually solid in the way we usually think of them. Instead, they are made up of atoms that are constantly vibrating. What? Yep.

This means that at the most basic level, we and everything around us, are just collections of energy vibrating at different frequencies (like radio stations have different frequencies, so do different energies). Now, even though I know this is completely true, my ‘not particularly scientific’ brain still struggles with the fact that the stool I’m sitting on right now isn’t solid, nor is the table this laptop is balancing on, or the laptop itself… and on it goes. But it isn’t. They are, we are, just a whole load of vibrating atoms.

And this really isn't just a spiritual or mystical idea, it's real scientific fact, observed and explained by actual physics (ACTUAL science!). Each atom in our bodies, every particle in the objects we use, in the air we breathe, all of it is essentially energy in motion. Waaaaaaaaaa? Mental isn’t it?

So now when I say this… “This energy connects us to each other and to everything in the universe”, you can now grasp this without thinking I’ve been on the booze or the hallucinogens. Pretty mind-expanding /perception changing isn’t it? Well it will be when you read on

Hold on though, why do I want you to understand this? Because when we recognise that we are all part of this massive network of energy, we all feed into it and take from it, that everything and everyone is integral to it, it really helps us see, very practically, the powerful impact our personal energy can have on the life we create for ourselves (and others).

When we talk about feeling someone's 'vibes' or the atmosphere in a room, we're actually sensing these energy frequencies. You know you can feel that, right?

I found the easiest way to understand how this energy thing works, was by hearing it likened to how a radio works. OK, so when you want to tune into a radio station (pre DAB - I have no clue with digital?!), you had to set your radio to the right frequency for the station you wanted. Well, very similarly, our thoughts and emotions emit vibrations (vibes) that can 'tune' us into different experiences and outcomes in our lives.

Hopefully the penny is starting to drop? I’ll carry on… When you consciously choose to think positively and really tune into and actively think about what you really want from life, you're essentially tuning your own 'internal radio' to the frequency of those experiences and outcomes.

It's honestly not just a metaphorical idea, it’s an actual science thing! Just like we can’t see radio waves that are invisible to the eye but are very real, our vibrations (also invisible but real) interact with the universal energy to attract situations that vibrate with the same energy frequency. Mind blown? Sill blows mine when I talk about it. Still have to tell myself and read about it constantly to hear how it all works. Mad and BRILL.

Think about it, everyday things like a smile or a practicing some really simple gratitude bits are massively powerful tools for adjusting your own energy frequency (your vibe). When you smile, not only do you feel better, but the positive energy you emit can physically change the whole atmosphere around you (the vibe you are giving off - really is the vibrations you are giving off). This smile makes other people feel more uplifted as well. You know it, they often smile back!

Similarly, actively practicing gratitude regularly, helps you focus on the positives in your life, tuning your frequency to attract more positivity and the good stuff you want in life.

We have only scratched the surface, but my word count is already over (again).....

Before we go though just consider this; by putting out good energy, being kind, by aligning our thoughts, feelings, and actions with the qualities of what we aspire to have or be, you start to emit a frequency that naturally attracts those experiences towards you. It really is like broadcasting a signal that says 'this is what I want to experience' and it sets you on the path to getting it. Hello gratitude practice, being kind, journaling, visualisations etc…

Now, I hope all of that has blown and expanded your mind as much as it did mine when I first started to learn it (still very much learning). For me, it only really clicked when I started to put it into action consistently in my everyday life. Then you really see the real impact it can have on you, your life and other people around you. Then it COMPLETELY blows your mind!

Keep an eye on my socials for aaalll the tips on this. Additionally, if you fancy getting further into it here are some great books…

  • The Untethered Soul - Michael. A. Singer
  • The Path Made Clear - Oprah Winfrey
  • A New Earth - Eckhartt Tolle
  • You Are A Badass - Jen Sincerro
  • The Seat Of The Soul - Gary Zukav

Have the very best week.

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