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Imagine a life where you feel in control, prioritising what matters to you and valuing each moment, from the big milestones to the ordinary day-to-day

You know there is more. This is where you stop just getting by and start really living.

Be honest, how are you really feeling right now?


  • No purpose?
  • Like you're constantly running on the spot?
  • Like you have to be the architect of everyone else's happiness, to make sure their lives run smoothly?


  • Always thinking about what might go wrong?
  • Not enjoying things the way you think you should and feeling guilty about that?
  • Struggling to find motivation, even to do the day-to-day tasks?


  • You have an underlying feeling of stress the whole time?
  • You can't seem to relax or make time for yourself?
  • Feeling out of control and anxious?


  • As though your usually strong self is becoming weaker and more fragile?
  • Not engaging with people in the way you once did?
  • FHave low self esteem and anxiety?

I know you are so ready for change… well you're here aren't you!

Here's the truth… You already have the ability to live life exactly the way you choose. Honestly, the power to create this life is already within you.

The Certified Life Design Strategist

When you work with me, we'll use my unique Shift Life Design System™ to reveal your natural talents, and shift the deep-rooted negative thinking patterns that are preventing you from realising how powerful and capable you really are.

With over a decade of extensive study and experience working with so many incredible individuals, and indeed working to dramatically change my own life, I can identify the right tools and strategies to enable you to overcome whatever is stopping you from creating and living a life you truly love.

Now it's your time to own it. To bring the most authentic, biggest, boldest, fullest version of YOU and create a life you love living.

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I would and have recommend Georgie as an excellent coach. I worked with Georgie and she set me on a path that has completely changed my mindset and life! I learnt so much. Georgie pushed me beyond my limits of what I thought I could achieve and I now feel like a completely different person. If you are even considering it, I would say it will be the best decision you could make


You have just this one precious life to achieve everything you want

Find out now what is standing in the way of you doing what you really want to do, becoming the person you truly want to be and what deep down you know you are capable of.




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