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24 . 06 . 24

This is how you make it happen

I hope your Monday has started sunny, bright, and beautiful?

16 . 06 . 24

Jackanory Tell Us a Story

How’s your week been? What are the high points, the bits you’ve enjoyed? What have been the bits you could have done without? It’s good to take stock, to be aware, to be conscious…

09 . 06 . 24

Cut the crap here are all the tools you need

Let’s get back to basics. Sometimes we forget that just the simple things are the things that can have the biggest impact.

02 . 06 . 24

Out with the old and in with the new

This email is largely inspired by a task I said I’d make a start on in last week’s email. Alas, it wasn’t a priority obviously, as I didn’t make any headway with it until this weekend - Saturday actually.

26 . 05 . 24

I’ve had it, enough is enough

Question for you. Do we ever reach that point of enough? I mean really do we?

19 . 05 . 24

Time to get romantic with yourself!

Off to a kid’s paintballing party for me today, with the whispering presence of bags full of ‘good’ clothes waiting to be placed on the pages of Vinted -  quietly nudging me towards possibly actioning that later on. To be decided later (slightly concerned it may acquire a whiff of cellar if I don’t get it sorted soon!).

12 . 05 . 24

I’m going to be open and honest

Well, what a ride this last couple of weeks have been!

05 . 05 . 24

This one action will change your life

Following on from last week’s tough love series... It appears I like being authoritative, and the feedback suggests you liked it too, so I’ll continue.

28 . 04 . 24

You need to hear this

Sometimes we all need a bit of tough love. I’ve just received some, indirectly, having watched a talk by my own business mentor Lisa Johnson, and I’m passing some tough love on to you. I needed to hear it, and I think you do too.

21 . 04 . 24

Been on the hallucinogens again

I’m going to do it, I’m going to get all woo woo on you. But do not worry, I can only get on board with things I can really see and feel as true, so you only ever get the practical side of woo from me.

14 . 04 . 24

Stop pi**ing your life up the wall

I was doing a piece of inner work this morning around my money mindset. If you didn’t know money mindset was a thing, I’ll explain briefly. Money mindset is essentially your attitude towards money.

17 . 03 . 24

Your passport out of here

Allow me to set the scene: Hairdressers, laptop on knee, tin foil sprouting from my head like some modern day Medusa, avoiding my own eye-line in the jaunty shaped mirror due to the, surely non conducive to optimal hair colouring, old school strip lighting directly above.

10 . 03 . 24

Phew, dodged those proverbial brown bullets

Well, what an absolutely fabulous ending to a week that threatened to be a complete and utter mental shit show midway through!

25 . 02 . 24

Well butter my biscuit that felt like an eternity!

Well, that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

18 . 02 . 24

The biggest risk of your life!

Well what a gorgeous week I’ve had in the main, if not a little knackering on the school hols front with everything else...

11 . 02 . 24

John McEnroe - you cannot be serious!

Be honest with me here – how’s the overwhelm? If the overwhelm is real I hear you. I honestly think what I’m about to talk about here might be real food for thought for you.

05 . 02 . 24

The weekly chatty one: grab life by the cahoonas

Did you miss me? Ha, did you heckers like! With the new programme launching, I’ve been in your inbox rather more regularly than usual haven’t I? Well the doors are closed now. Everyone is locked in there and I’m raring to get going with them/you in February… YES!! (I hate over exclamation marking, one of my ‘icks’ but I’m excited, so for today!).

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