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I’m going to be open and honest

12 . 05 . 24

Well, what a ride this last couple of weeks have been!

I'm going to be open. I'm going to be honest. I'm going to tell you what's really been going on. Life is not linear, good lord no it isn’t, but man, along with the ebbs and flows, the lows and highs, it can be really jolly exciting!

So just a couple of weeks ago, I lost my mojo. I was going to ask if any of you might have found it anywhere, because for a good couple of weeks I could not for the life of me find the seemingly elusive little bugger. Of course I didn't tell you all, because I really was deep in that space where limiting beliefs were running rampant. It had been a good old while since I’d been there. I’d forgotten quite how much impact, how all consuming, the effect of limiting beliefs can be on the whole of your life… And I’m not being dramatic either. (There’s a positive in here! Now I remember just how hard it feels, I can be here for you even more if you are going through that right now, just hit reply if you need me).


When in that bleurgh, shi**y place, it feels impossibly hard to say how much you are doubting your own capabilities and be vulnerable to a whole community of people who are here to find happiness, joy and fulfilment. Especially when your own limiting beliefs are shouting about how ‘of course this was never going to work, who wants to listen to what you’ve got to say, who do you think you are anyway and ra-ra-ra boring, negative ra’....

It’s very often, almost always, easier to tell people (other than your nearest and dearest) after the event, when you are out the other side. Ta-da!

Yep, the limiting self beliefs were coming right out of their resting place. I thought they were rewritten, somewhat erased from a solid commitment to the work and the daily practices and rituals I know serve me so well. But there they were again, pi**ing on my proverbial chips. Literally stopping me progressing; personally and professionally. And certainly stopping me feeling vital and full of this wonderful life we have the privilege to experience.

Flat as.

The worst part of this is, I totally know it was my own doing (on reflection of course - at the time it felt like ‘fact’). I guess that’s also the best part? That’s why I want to tell you here…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (no doubt repeatedly). Awareness really is the first and most critical step to change.

So, what had been going on then?

Right, well you know my story, my long old history of anxiety, panic attacks and lack of self worth? I’m not making light of it by being so flippant, but that’s not the focus here.

Well, I’ve been on this journey of personal and professional development, for a long, long old time. It’s my passion. It’s my expertise. Coming from a background in the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Industry as an Individual Design Coach for over a decade prior to what I do now, I think I’m pretty au fait with the ‘right’ things to do to keep myself feeling tip top.

BUT, we are but human. And the pull of the ‘fun’ memories is sometimes just too much to resist…..

I’d been missing my friends, I’d been missing dancing and belly laughing with them, I needed to fill my soul with the cuddles, heartfelt laughter, brutally honest soul level conversion, absolute idiocy and totally uninhibited fun that you only get when you are with your very bests.

I knew we had two such events planned in the not too distant future. And, well… I may have just got myself a bit giddy on the run up. I might not have practised that ‘P’ word I talk to my kids about so often about (patience) and I may have just bolted from the starting blocks a little prematurely.

Yep, I accidentally and totally unconsciously picked up the pace of having the odd drink here and there in the weeks leading up (I’m not a big drinker and I don’t even really enjoy it in the most part unless I’m ‘out out’). But, clearly something in me needed to escape and it crept up, leading to bad sleep (no you do not sleep better after drink - you don’t get into that restorative REM sleep, I can assure you of that), hitting snooze and therefore not completing that morning routine with such presence (I did it - but I didn’t really ‘do’ it).

Then the two nights out came - (worth every single second!) which would have been fine on their own - much needed in the full picture might I add, but the weeks leading up had well and truly done me over. My focus went awry. And like I say, the limiting beliefs I used to suffer with so badly, started to rage hard.

Why? Well why wouldn’t they? You see what I had done was slip into my old patterns. The patterns I used to have when I was poorly. Old version of Georgie. Low self-worth version of me. No thank you.

A massive lightbulb, a huge confirmation to me, that the way I choose to live now is absolutely the thing that keeps me feeling so good, so positive, so fulfilled and dare I say so successful in what I do (yes I do dare, because I’ve done all the ‘right’ things, for me, ever since and I’m back on full form).

Not only have I been back on full form, but I’ve up-leveled, propelled once again by the fear of ever going backwards. We must keep moving forwards, challenging ourselves, proving to ourselves we CAN do the things and disproving that negative little sod that tries desperately to keep us right where we are, however crap that place feels.

So anyway, the big news that came off the back of that dip is SO EXCITING! I will be speaking on stage at Ideas Fest on 12th and 13th September (in front of 400 incredible human beings - eek!!!). Check it out, and do come along if you can. It is going to be an epic couple of mind expanding days.

So you see the lessons here are plentiful…

You absolutely MUST include time being silly with your bests, that’s actually an order. There is very little in life more worth than that precious human connection stuff, if anything. But what you need not do, is sack off everything else you’ve learned around it, and believe you can behave like the old you but still feel like the new you. Sorry. But it’s just not so.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

On that, if you are struggling with those pesky limiting beliefs, I really, really do feel you. I promise there is a way out. I’ve packed up my Mindset Method; The Solution To Overwhelm Course for you at a really accessible price ( it’s only £47 for the whole thing), to help you move past the negative inner chat and move forward feeling positive. It really is quite brilliant and. You can get it by clicking here. (You do it on your own timescale, starting it whenever you want; immediately if you wish! Then it’s yours to repeat as many times as you want. Forever!)

Do reply if you need to chat. I’m always here and it really is me who picks up the replies.

Have the best, brightest, biggest week you can make it.

All the love

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