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Stop pi**ing your life up the wall

14 . 04 . 24

I was doing a piece of inner work this morning around my money mindset. If you didn’t know money mindset was a thing, I’ll explain briefly. Money mindset is essentially your attitude towards money.

How you ‘think’ about money and how you feel about money, shapes how you behave with it and how you handle it. If you think you'll always struggle, you probably will. If you believe you can do well financially, you're far more likely to be open to the opportunities and make choices that lead you there. In a nutshell.

Money Mindset work is one of the practices I commit to every single day. Having been bankrupt many years ago now, and a whole load of other stuff that feeds into what’s known as my ‘money story’, I have to keep going and growing with this facet of mindset work all the time, to make sure I stay out of my own way and keep… growing.

It’s a fascinating area to delve into. I encourage you to do so (hit reply if you want some book recommendations to get started). I could not believe what came up for me when I started to dive into this. Had I not, I don’t doubt I’d be right back where I was very soon.

So I was doing this particular piece of work this morning because I’d become aware I had some existing blocks, keeping me somewhat stuck in my personal and professional growth.

Now, if I didn’t know this mindset work existed, and didn’t know how to get me past these limiting beliefs (because the little blighters hide away deep down in your subconscious) then how would I ever grow to where I want to be? How would I ever truly achieve all the things I dream of creating in this life of mine? And this is why I felt compelled to write this email today.

I think I make it pretty clear why I do what I do. But for the avoidance of doubt, here we go:

I really, really, REALLY want you to make this one wonderful chance at life, really, really count. Whatever that looks like for you. To be able to look back at your life and think YES I gave it my all. To make it as big and bold and brilliant as deep down you know, want and dream it can be.

I want you to be free from the negative thought patterns, underlying anxieties and old thought patterns that are literally holding you back from trying new things; keeping you scared, doubting your capabilities and limiting what you believe you can achieve. Keeping you stuck right where you are. Old outdated stuff that isn’t even true, keeping you from doing and being all you are capable of.

Why do I know you have these negative ‘things’? Because you’re human and we all do.

Even when we develop the self- awareness to recognise they are cropping up, we still have to put the work in to keep getting past them. The little buggers continue to rear their heads at each stage of development; personal and professional.

There’s a saying that goes with growth ‘New level, new devil”. Hence my own work this morning. And that’s why we call this work ‘growth’. You meet a new challenge, you work on it, get past it and… well, grow!

Or of course you give up and retreat back to where you were. Up to you.

As you’re here, I know there’s a part of you that knows there’s more for you; more to your life than this, and deep down you want to get to wherever that ‘more’ leads you. You’re clearly interested in your own growth and that in itself is massive! YES to you.

And, I know you can get wherever it is you want to be in life, mentally, physically and metaphorically. And I also know I can help you get there.

I want you to learn how to kick that limiting self-doubt right up the proverbial. To say thanks for trying to keep me safe and all that, but now can you sod off (that’s all the mind is trying to do you know, to keep you safe. That’s why it works so hard at keeping you in that very same, same, same, same, same old safe place, where it knows for sure there are no risks. Sadly, not much fulfilment either).

I want you to learn how to release that inner strength we all have, and stand up for what YOU want for you in your own life. To know the doubts are just thoughts not truths and stop them from holding you back.

I want you to learn how to stop putting everybody else first (this is so hard!) and realise just how important you are and how much this planet needs the unique blends of skills, talents, dreams, idiosyncrasies and general YOUness that only you can bring.

The world would literally not be the same without you in it. There is nobody on this earth quite like you and that unique mix of you that you bring is exactly what I want to help you release. When you allow yourself to bring all that through, learn how to stop worrying what everyone else thinks (also hard!) This is where the real magic happens!

I want you to learn how to bring all of you and express it in the way deep down you know you’d love to. Doing and being all the things you know you are capable of… if only you could get out of your own way.

I want you to feel what recognising and achieving your desires really feels like. What being proud of yourself feels like. I want you to feel the soul-level happiness that fulfilling your dreams and achieving your version of success brings with it.

Just ‘getting by’ is life sapping. Draining. It’s a waste of your precious time and enough is enough. Now it’s your time to prioritise you and start designing a life you love. Sound good? Sounds wonderful!

I’d love to help you get started. You can either click here to take the free Life Design Quiz to find out what’s currently stopping you move forward and how to start working on that straight away.

Or, you can click here to pre-order the new self-study course ‘The Mindset Method: The Solution to Overwhelm’ course at the pre-order price of £47 (will go up to £67).

It will land in your inbox ready for you to get started as soon as it is released in the next couple of weeks!

Or if you are really serious about making a change and are ready to commit, I have just a few 1:1 slots left. You can book a 30 minute free discovery call here to see if that’s the tight fit for you. (£5,997 for 3 months - payment plans available).

Which one will you choose?

I want you to know that whatever your reality looks like right now, it has no bearing on what your future will look like (there are 1,000s of real life stories out there to prove it). Your life can feel wonderful. It really can,

Today is the start of something big for you IF you take action and make it happen. Commit to making it happen.

A happier future awaits. I have absolute faith in you

Have the best week yet!

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