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The biggest risk of your life!

18 . 02 . 24

Well what a gorgeous week I’ve had in the main, if not a little knackering on the school hols front with everything else...

I'll dive straight in.

I’ve had a couple of client conversations this week that have made me smile as wide as is humanly possible. They were both over Zoom but managed to leave me feeling like we’d shared a massive metaphorical cuddle!

Why? By the end of the calls you could sense real clarity starting to form. Excited anticipation! The sense they were both starting a new journey in a newfound direction, away from the feelings they didn’t want to feel from the past and an eagerness for what the future holds, despite not having all the answers yet. I could see their shoulders drop and their faces light up. When I see that happen, there's just nothing more joyful for me. That’s what I get to call work. Nothing like it.

One client was talking about her future, specifically what to do with her career. The other client was too, but from a very different angle. As you can see in the conclusion above, the outcomes of the calls were incredibly similar and indeed poignant.

One client had a history where she’d built an incredibly successful, million pound plus corporate business from the ground up. The other client was employed in a corporate role, but was currently on maternity leave and debating what her next move should be.

The lovely client on maternity leave was debating whether to return to work, where she’d struggled with never feeling good enough, imposter syndrome and certainly not feeling fulfilled. But, she knew she was skilled in this area and the money was safe. Or, should she set up her own business, along with a passive revenue stream, allowing for flexibility and fulfilment. The hesitation on doing this being the ‘risk’ of not having a guaranteed stable income.

(Completely coincidentally, both clients had previously done my friend Lisa Johnson’s FREE 4 day Race To Recurring revenue Challenge that I’m encouraging you all to do now! Which was great because they already understood exactly what was possible. One of them is going to do it again with me because, honestly, it gets you so fired up with ideas and know-how. Join us! It’s brill!). Click here to register

The other lovely client, who'd built her own very successful million pound corporate business, was saying how from the outside she had it all. All the ‘things’ that denoted success in all areas of life; the family, the house, the car, the ‘things’ etc. But actually, she felt really miserable, didn’t have time to do the things that mattered to her, didn’t like the person she was and completely burned herself out to the point she just one day threw in the towel, gave it all up, could not go on another day. [Question for you. Do you see this as giving up, or a moment of realisation to give herself the chance to LIVE? The latter for certain for me, but we often berate ourselves for ‘giving up’ when, certainly in this scenario, it’s reason for self commendation]. Listen to how beautifully she put this. She said, “I grew the business, but I didn't grow myself alongside it”.

With both clients the topic of risk was prevalent. One was concerned about the risk of not having enough money to pay the mortgage, but dreaded the thought of going back to that feeling of self doubt and unfulfillment again. The other was concerned about building a business again, and risking becoming the person she had been before, feeling the way she did..

Both agreed the risk of looking back on their lives and having not spent time doing what truly makes them feel alive was the biggest risk of all.

The beautiful thing about having these discussions is being able to help people work out how to make life and work in synergy with each other, all as part of the bigger picture of designing a life you absolutely love. Which looks different for us all. With both clients, we were able to work out routes to move forward with excitement of what their future could look like. Both involving businesses and lives that truly aligned with who they really are now.

I don’t just mean sacking off the day job immediately and going all in with your passion (although if that’s an option, why the hell not?). But you can start to set something up for yourself that is aligned to who you really are, and slowly grow that thing aligned with your passions, whilst keeping the day job going… until you don’t need to any more! You get to choose whether to give yourself that chance.

I believe the absolute fundamental piece in this balance is being able to be wholly yourself in any and all areas of your life. Not having to put on a specific hat for work, a new hat for home life etc. Being able to be the biggest expression of you whilst creating a business and life you love around it really is available. (It takes daily work, but it’s SO worth it).

Who sets the rules? You!

Life is a constant evolution, a constant reassessing of what feels good. You are allowed to try new things, to change your mind if something doesn’t feel good and to go for it when it does.

I chose to build a business around my passions, with a passive income stream, because I am hugely aware (along with these clients!), that we get just one life and it’s whizzing by so fast we want to make sure we actually get to live it.

I want to be able to look back and remember all the happy memories of times spent with my family, my friends, the laughter, the shared experiences, the adventures! I don't want to look back and only see that I spent my whole time working in a job that I didn’t love, just to pay the bills. It’s not what I want or choose for myself. How about you?

That’s why I’m so keen on you seizing this opportunity to join in with Lisa’s FRE 4 Day Race To Recurring Revenue Challenge. I want to open your eyes up to what could be possible for you. A way you can make this life and work thing all tie in to creating a life you bloody LOVE, with the money and time to live it. You can register for the challenge by clicking here.

It could be that it’s not right for you, but equally it could be just the thing! Who knows, maybe it will set you off on a whole new journey like it did with me. One that I'm now so grateful for.

One thing I do know though is if you never give it a try you will never know.

I want you to live a life you absolutely love.

If you’d like to book a call in with me to talk about anything I mention here, I do offer a free 15 minute call. Click here to book.

The calls I mention above are my hour long 1:1 sessions which are only available on a limited basis. To enquire please reply ‘HELP’ to this email or contact me on [email protected]

Make this a fantastic week!

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