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05 . 05 . 24

Following on from last week’s tough love series... It appears I like being authoritative, and the feedback suggests you liked it too, so I’ll continue.

I was listening to Jimmy Carr on Steven Bartlett’s The Diary Of a CEO Podcast earlier in the week (Incidentally, it’s a completely brilliant episode - I recommend a listen). Jimmy said, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” I was shouting YES YES YES at the radio (which was silly because it was a podcast... But the radio seemed fairly nonplussed about the situation…)

‘How you do one thing is how you do everything’ is a mantra that has gone round my head for a long time. If I’m in the middle of something and want to give up - usually a long run or a cold shower - the minute any thought I might not carry on pops into my head, there it is... ‘How you do one thing is how you do everything’.

There is no way I’m stopping running, there is no way I’m cutting those 2 cold minutes in the shower short... There is no way I’m letting myself down on something that’s important to me that I’ve committed to. Because if I did give up on that thing... what message am I giving myself?

‘How you do one thing is how you do everything’.

How does that land with you?

Consider it for a moment. Really think it over.

Now I’d like you to consider this... How YOU do everything is a decision YOU make.

Steven Bartlett told a story about Chris Eubank Junior (Chris Eubank’s son, who is also a dedicated, great boxer). He was saying that if his training for the day is to run 20km, even if his legs are completely cramping and he’s in agony after 12km, there is no way he will not finish that 20km, even if it means hobbling to the end. It’s important to him. He’s chosen to commit to that thing and he is not going to let himself down.

Same with me whilst on a long run, or in a cold shower, it’s important to me, it’s all part of the bigger picture, my ‘why’.

You see the fact is, the only way we can make any progress in life, the only way we can grow beyond where we are right now, toward where we want to be, is to make a decision to do something and then really commit to doing it. (I promise you don’t have to commit to running 20km... unless of course, that floats your boat, but you get what I’m saying).

My massive passion in life is the belief that every single person deserves to not only realise but have the knowledge, tools, and strategies to reach their fullest potential in this one short time we get to live in this life. Having turned my whole life around from being a person who suffered terribly with low self-worth, really poor mental health, debilitating anxiety, and panic attacks - I now commit to all the things that have got me to where I am now. For myself and every other human I can possibly help (and the ripple effect of that...). This is so important to me, that I wholly commit to it and I will not let myself down.

Tell me to commit to gaming every day,... And you bet I will fail!

So now, I want you to take a moment to consider this...

Where do you want to be in life? Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel every day? What does success and fulfilment look and feel like to you? Try to picture your ‘dream’ life—where are you, what are you doing, and who is with you? What is important to you? Once you have that vision in your mind, ask yourself what commitments, what decisions you need to make to yourself to start to make this vision your reality.

Are you going to need to get up earlier consistently? Are you going to decide to implement that morning glass of lemon water and commit to that gratitude practice to start your day? Will you commit to a qualification, a training schedule, speaking to one new person every day... I don’t know. This is for you to decide.

But I do know this...

It’s going to take discipline and discipline is hard. But it is so important. It is in fact the greatest form of self-love. “It’s ignoring something you want right now for something better in the future” (Jimmy Carr again!).

And you’ll see, when you make commitments to yourself and stick to them, you build up confidence in yourself. And that gains momentum, and with that momentum comes motivation, which drives you to carry on and this is where growth and success happen... But if you break that commitment you are breaking a commitment to yourself, so choose what really matters to you and don’t let yourself down on that.

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Have the best week!

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