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17 . 03 . 24

Allow me to set the scene: Hairdressers, laptop on knee, tin foil sprouting from my head like some modern day Medusa, avoiding my own eye-line in the jaunty shaped mirror due to the, surely non conducive to optimal hair colouring, old school strip lighting directly above.

(Clearly I’m usually too distracted by the beauty of the strip oak walls and the plethora of rich, well maintained foliage hanging from every available possibility, to have noticed this substandard lighting situation before…).

Today for me marks the end of a particularly intense 8 months of the most exciting, gratifying, fulfilling, steep learning curve of a journey I’ve experienced with the growth of Shift (and indeed me) to date. Getting all the solid foundations, and a brilliant team of support in place, to enable me to do what I do best - guiding us women to cultivate strong belief in our massive value in this world, and design lives we absolutely love living - whatever that looks like for YOU. YES. Now is the time I can focus all my attention on YOU - the dream.

When I say ‘marks the end’ this is really only the beginning for us...

What a way to mark arriving at this point too.

From a lifetime of never feeling good enough, never pushing myself in case I failed, never putting myself out there as real ME in case I did something somebody might not like, in case I looked stupid, said something daft, in case I got something wrong… Turns out, none of that shit matters!

Learning to really get to know yourself, who you are, what you love, what makes you feel alive; learning how to become and believe in being wholly and truly yourself, putting in the daily work, keeping up with the practices that keep you mentally and physically strong and healthy, staying in your own lane, and cultivating a life all around the things YOU love is the most freeing feeling in the world. That’s how you design a life you love. That’s how you feel at peace. In balance. Happy. Now I get to help you all do the same. TOTALLY ACE!

(You know I offer a free 15 minute call so we chat this through don’t you? Click here to book)

This morning (Friday) I was invited to deliver a Workshop at the incredibly brilliant ‘The Women In Programmatic Network In the North’ breakfast event. The focus of the event was ‘Inspiring Inclusion’ and amplifying women’s voices in the Industry. AMEN to that. We began hearing from a panel of some truly inspiring women in the industry. They shared honest, open and vulnerable stories based on their own experiences, self-doubts and achievements. Truly excellent.

I then delivered a workshop around limiting beliefs - knowing we could do a really fast, yet practical and impactful session right there and then. Together we raised awareness around our own limiting beliefs, recognising just how much these negative ‘assumptions’ we hold about ourselves and our capabilities, literally stop us from moving forward. Stop us from not only reaching, but not recognising our full potential.

So I wanted to talk a little about this here. You see our beliefs are often formed way back in our childhoods. Throughout our lives we collect these ‘pieces of evidence’ about what is available to us, what we are capable of, how we should behave, how we should live our lives etc and we hold them as truths that direct every thought we have, every decision we make and every action we take - they impact our whole lives. Really they do.

So imagine if you were able to disprove some of these limiting beliefs? Imagine if a load of the self limiting stuff you held as truths, weren’t even true? And therefore didn’t get in the way any more?

I wonder just who you really could be and what you really could achieve and experience in this one wonderful life of yours?

Why not take a quick moment today, maybe while you're sipping your morning cuppa, or create a bit of quiet space while the old Sunday lunch settles, and the world feels a bit slower. Have a quick mental flick back through your life. Really think about how much the following stuff might have shaped your beliefs about what’s possible for you….

This can be anything, from the comments your parents made, their expectations, the way teachers singled you out or didn’t, things they said to you, to the subtle (and not so subtle) input from society in general about what you should look like, act like, or be. Think about the roles friends have played, the expectations or maybe the words of ex-partners, the 'acceptable standards' delivered to us constantly all over social media, our cultural backgrounds, gender stereotypes, experiences you’ve been through etc.

Next I want you to think about YOU (do this bit in your notes app so you can look at it often!). Write a list of everything you feel you are good at; characteristics, skills, what comes easily to you, what you get complimented on, asked for your advice on, times you've felt most proud, things you've achieved throughout your life. All of it!

Now… Imagine if you lived your life with this stuff driving your thoughts, decisions and actions instead of all the negative stuff you currently allow to dictate your life.

That’s what I’m here to help you with. It really is possible you know.

If you are reading this and thinking YES I’m ready to get on with the next stage in my life! Book in a free 30 minute Discovery Call here and let’s get you going!

This is going to be a brilliant week for you - I can feel it!

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